Sex without love is an empty experience, but, as far as empty experiences go, it's one of the best.
-- Woody Allen

SEX... The act of carnal contact between two or more people whether designed for procreation or pleasure. Since the Middle Ages, it has been the word whispered in dark places, shrouded in mystery and superstition, and imbued with an almost etherial meaning--the gift of the gods, or the plaything of the devil, a sinful deed or a blissful act depending on one's religious upbringing. But in ancient cultures, sex was openly celebrated with festivals and ceremonies and memorialized in the most popular stories and songs. After all, the Kama Sutra, the most famous sex manual in history, is nearly 2,000 years old! Fortunately for us living in the 21st Century, the Pill, the Anti-Censorship movement and the Sexual Revolution of the last 40 years has thrown off the covers of the Augustinian association of sex with sin; and we can contemplate the joys of coupling with equanimity again. That is just what we propose to do in this section.

Today almost every first-grader knows about sex and almost every high-school graduate knows how to perform the act of sexual intercourse competently. Nevertheless, there is still just as much ignorance of the arts of love-making as there was during the dark centuries when sex was considered as a "necessary evil"--provided it was solely for procreation. Unlike every other subject which an adult needs to function in society, sexual techniques are not taught in the public schools; nor do parents today give their children guidance in this area. We learn about sex mostly from fumbling trials and errors, from furtive viewings of porn media, or from braggadocious assertions of our peers; and the majority of that learning is permeated by myths and mistakes. So what we intend to do here is to discuss sex as an art form or science, and as the most intimate and meaningful form of interpersonal communication; for that is indeed its prime role in adult life. It is in the giving and receiving of pleasure that sex has its strongest appeal to men and women; and anything this meaningful to human happiness deserves to be performed with skill as well as enthusiasm, with passion as well as intuition; and with understanding as well as desire. We hope you enjoy the topic as much as we enjoy talking about it!

--Victoria and Steve

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